Shoe Spotlight: Saint Laurent Opyum Pumps

Few design houses have the ability to take a classic, turn it into a never-seen-before design and create waves in the fashion world. Well, Saint Laurent did just that with its Opyum style. The creation made history in September 2017 where the pumps walked the Paris Fashion Week. As an integral part of Anthony Vaccarello’s debut collection, the Opyum pumps were the result of his personal style meeting the French brand’s legacy. This sleek merging of aesthetics made these Saint Laurent heels so covetable that once released, they were an instant sell-out. 

When this elusive design hit the bank balances of the fashion elite, it also splattered social media platforms and celebrated logomania in a way that is unique to Saint Laurent – strikingly elegant. 

We have established that the Opyum style is coveted, now let us dive deep into what makes it iconic. 


Opyum sandals
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Opyum Slingbacks
Saint Laurent Opyum Slingbacks
Saint Laurent Opyum Pumps
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An elevated classic that exudes mysterious sophistication, the Saint Laurent Opyum carries a simple exterior that can complement almost every ensemble in a woman’s closet. The style first presented itself in a pointed-toe pump and has since then graduated into an ankle strap sandal, slingbacks, and an ankle boot. The Opyum collection is built on the premise that investing in a classic shoe style is the right step towards looking effortlessly poised every time. 


The first of its kind, the Opyum pump is a shoe that celebrates the natural silhouette of a woman’s feet, from the delicate toes to the graceful arch of the sole. It is molded with precision and cut from fine materials to result in a striking pump. It comes with a low-cut vamp that helps flaunt toe cleavage, a narrow toe-box that gives the illusion of daintier feet, and a high arch that elongates the foot and tones the calf. 

Saint Laurent Opyum Pumps
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The reason this Saint Laurent shoe flew off the shelves and landed in closets around the world is the YSL heel and the clout the logo carries. Even after the label’s rebranding in 2012, the original logo has been in continuous use as seen on the brand’s popular women handbags & accessories. The Opyum style switches a traditional pencil heel with a beautiful heel that brings the YSL logo to life. The heel is situated just a little away from the heel seat and starts with the letter Y. It twists and turns its way down to the base of the L which is then reinforced with a rubber base.

Opyum Pumps – Black Patent Leather 

Saint Laurent Opyum Pumps

When we look at this Opyum pump, Yves Saint Laurent’s vintage silhouettes, black & white photographs and understated sensuality come to mind. This pair has been crafted from glistening patent leather that catches the light and contrasts well with the all-black exterior. The pointed toes lightly elongate the short toe-box, while the feet sit snugly in the leather-lined interior. The black-tone hardware of the 11.5 cm heel merges with the dark exterior and plays peek-a-boo with the beholder. 

Whatever the purpose – elevating workwear, a trophy for your shoe closet, adding to your evening attire or simply just admiring this work of art – the Saint Laurent Opyum will never just be a purchase, it will be a milestone moment. We believe the shoes to be a part of modern-day fashion history and invite you to bring them home. Here’s where you can browse our collection of the iconic Opyum range by Saint Laurent: Shop Now!

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