Hermès Mosaique au 24 Home Collection — For a Space of Luxury

The Hermès Home collection denotes the maison’s spirit of innovation, profusion of creativity, and distinctive know-how of luxury. This extension of the brand’s design repertoire manifests through opulent furniture, deluxe tableware, rich textiles, exclusive lighting, decorative objects, and more, like everyday reminders that beauty is (or can be) everywhere.

 Editorial credit: Sorbis / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: Sorbis / Shutterstock.com

Hermès Mosaique au 24 — From the Maison’s Home to Yours

In 1837, Thierry Hermès opened a workshop in rue Basse-du-Rempart, where he created harnesses that were about function, endurance, and simplicity. After his demise, his son, Charles-Émile Hermès, made the historic move to 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris where a store was opened. This new place became the foundation that would hoist Hermès as a brand, Hermès as an icon.

Hermès Mosaique au 24
The mosaic pattern on a Mosaique au 24 plate

The flagship store — birthplace or family home, as Hermès calls it — has a floor covered in a wondrous mosaic inspired by art and architecture (ancient Greek style and Art Deco design). After creating the ‘Mosaïque au 24’ scarf, Benoit-Pierre Emery created a tableware line celebrating the artful motifs. Today, the French House presents the collection in two ranges: Mosaique au 24 gold & Mosaique au 24 platinum. 

Hermès Mosaique au 24The Hermès Mosaique au 24 tableware line pays homage to the maison’s history through pieces meant to accompany lunch gatherings, afternoon tea treats, or dinner parties. Fine selections of porcelain bowls, dessert plates, ashtrays, cups & saucers, teapots, coasters, and more are alight with geometric friezes and brand emblems in a dream of lustrous shades. The elegant creations are purposeful, beautiful, and mindfully crafted to be passed on from family to family. Each piece is a peek into the Hermès home and an opportunity to experience the brand’s journey.

24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré has also inspired the Hermès Mosaïque au 24 bag that was released in the brand’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection. The unique clasp of the bag is cut as a square and packed with geometric patterns — a notable detail from the iconic floor mosaic. 

The travel from Thierry’s harness workshop in 1837 to the current universe of expanding products — history-making bags & accessories to delightful fragrance, home, & beauty creations — is an incredible one. But it is of little wonder really as Hermès has, for generations, aimed at heralding “the painstaking work of the craftsman” and “the lifestyles of its customers.”

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