Bag of the Week: Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

The distinct nature of classics suggests that simple things once elevated become a part of a wardrobe that transcends time. Bags that attempt to be a part of this collective often cater to a need and thereby start becoming an essential one cannot do without. A modern-day example would be the Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag, for it caters to a new era of minimalists who are all about carrying ‘essentials only’ everywhere they go. 

Marc Jacobs Snapshot BagA Timeless Trend

Translating the distinctive aesthetic that the Marc Jacobs label is known for, the Snapshot bag speaks to the fashion-forward youth that is driving luxury labels to create striking pieces that can be spotted from a mile away. 

Photo credit: Elena Rostunova / Shutterstock.com
Photo credit: Elena Rostunova / Shutterstock.com

Meeting the tough ask of versatility, functionality and affordability, the Snapshot collection of bags by Marc Jacobs is clearly a trend. But one that has brought fashion influencers, first-time luxury investors, bag aficionados and the ardent followers of the designer himself, all under one very large umbrella. 

Photo credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com
Photo credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com

While pondering the reasons behind why the Snapshot bag is so alluring, we discussed its easy-to-wear style, delved into the plush materials it comes in, scoured the exponential kinds of colorways it can don, noted its recognizable logo details, and sat back in awe of the variations one can play with by just changing its straps! 

Marc Jacobs Snapshot

After all of this meticulous research, which we have to admit was quite fun who are we kidding, was A LOT of fun we came to the conclusion that no (sane) person with the ability to discern what’s cool & stylish can point to the Snapshot, and come up with just one reason to love it.

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag A Closer Look

A crossbody bag in appearance, the Marc Jacobs Snapshot presents itself in a structured silhouette that maintains an almost cuboidal shape. For those who like to travel hands-free and not have a large tote weighing them down, the Snapshot is an option that is compact and most definitely stylish. Due to its size, it succumbs to the category of small bags, but it is so much more! 

Marc Jacobs Snapshot BagThe first look will nudge you to circle the iconic ‘Double J’ logo in the centre while the subtle play of color with glinting hardware will reinforce the ingenuity behind the compact design. 

The Marc Jacobs bag is equipped with two zip compartments, with the zipper pulls opening in different directions and hanging on either side of the bag. Other than adding a playful touch, this tiny detail also helps in accessing essentials stored within easily as it mimics the natural direction in which we tend to open bags. (Remember all those times you turn your bag so that you can have the zip on the right – well this neat trick makes sure you don’t need to!) 

The crossbody bag has chunky hardware details that catch the eye & the light and make sure the small body of the Snapshot is secured to the adjustable shoulder strap. The hardware is engraved with logo details, so if you ever want to just attach the shoulder strap to another bag, you can still enjoy a signature touch. 

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

The broad strip of leather that separates the two compartments of the Marc Jacobs Snapshot carries the brand logo and is behind the popular creation’s uncompromisable and, now, distinct silhouette. 

Photo credit: Elena Rostunova / Shutterstock.com
Photo credit: Elena Rostunova / Shutterstock.com

For us, the Snapshot bag by Marc Jacobs is a bag that meets the current & almost classic bag requirement of chic & chore-friendly, and we think buyers everywhere agree. So, we say you click here and browse through the myriad versions of the best-selling Marc Jacobs bag you can own now! 

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