5 Iconic Bags Named After Famous Personalities

Even years or decades after, some creations manage to transcend the virtue of time and age, of trend and fashion. Instead, they become the flag bearers of individuality and remembrance. These iconic bags named after famous personalities grant an enigmatic sense of identity, purpose, and legacy. Each one of these bags, with its unique design, goes on to form a historical narrative of its own and celebrate freeing style. 

The Gucci Diana

Editorial credit: REPORT / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: REPORT / Shutterstock.com

The Gucci Diana crafted by the one and only millennial favoriteHouse of Gucci, remains in itself a symbol of Lady Diana’s endearing and unrestrictive personality that kept flourishing with age. Lady Di overtook the world with her effortless and timeless aesthetic, breaking barriers of restrictive fashion yet with complete comeliness. It is not with decadence that her legacy lives on, but by showing ongoing pride and courage. 

The original Gucci Bamboo tote, released in 1991, was constantly seen in the Lady’s hands. To mark her everlasting heritage, the Gucci Diana bag—a modified version of the original—was launched as a tribute to the former friend of the House, Lady Diana. The Gucci Diana is a living embodiment of grace and signifies the very fundamentals of liberal dressing choices.

The Gucci Diana traverses us back into the memory of Lady Di’s evolving flair over the years. This precisely structured, boxy tote is recognized by the signature House elements—the polished bamboo handles and the use of the GG motif. Made in three different sizes and a variety of seven shades, the versatility of this tote tunes correctly with the brand’s motive to escape the restricted conventions surrounding fashion and self-expression. 

Brought back from the House’s archival classics—the Gucci Diana tote has made a roaring comeback by successfully joining the status of a Fendi Baguette and Dior Saddle. From Sienna Miller carrying the black version to Elle Fanning flaunting the mini tote, the support for this impeccable Gucci bag remains gigantic.

The Birkin Bag by Hermès

Editorial credit: DKSStyle / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: DKSStyle / Shutterstock.com

The epochal list of iconic bags named after famous personalities can never be complete without mentioning the Hermès Birkin. What had seemed like a mere conversation to Jane Birkin turned into one of the most prestigious and renowned inventions by the House of Hermès. En route a flight from Paris to London, as some may call it a lucky encounter, the British actress Jane Birkin was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the Executive Chairman of Hermès (1978-2006). With this, the glorious idea to create the eponymous Birkin bag was birthed. 

Editorial credit: magicinfoto / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: magicinfoto / Shutterstock.com

Jane Birkin was a new mother when this event occurred and had offered her insight on unsatisfactory handbags. Dumas, a creative artist, immediately implemented Birkin’s thoughts into a sketch of the first-ever Birkin bag. 

The Birkin, since its creation, has risen gradually to never-ending fame whilst gaining recognition as an ultimate ‘status symbol.’ The Birkin bag flaunted a supple and spacious rectangular shape with saddle stitching. But the most interesting and peculiar addition to the Birkin was a dedicated place for baby bottles. 

Since the original version, the Birkin family has been extended into multiple versions, each time enfolding a unique feature and style, leaving us all in awe all over again. Over the years, the ‘It’ bag has gained popularity and a long waiting list owing to its limited production.

Among the many famous personalities who added the Birkin bag to their closet are Victoria Beckham and Kris Kardashian. The price range of this bag varies depending on the rareness and use of precious metal in its design. In 2017, the most expensive Birkin bag, which was valued at 380,000 dollars, was sold in Hong Kong by Christie’s. 

The Jackie 1961 by Gucci

Gucci Handbags for Women
Editorial credit: REPORT / Shutterstock.com

Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Kennedy Onassis, with her undisputed persona, went on to become a representative of the feminine chic, seamlessly posing in her poised and polished debutante ensembles. Jackie was always perceived in the limelight, and she used this as an opportunity to express her mind through her empowering and fluid fashion choices. From wearing leaner, graceful silhouettes to the classic Chanel suits and pillbox hats, the trajectory of her style has never once faded. 

This Fall Winter 2020, the Jackie 1961 from the House of Gucci—earlier known to be the Fifties Constance bag—was reintroduced by the label. Designed by Alessandro Michele, the Jackie 1961 received commendable praise and support owing to its clean, timeless structure. Granting complete flamboyance, the Jackie 1961 is skillfully carved in a unique half-moon shaped silhouette with the symbolic piston hardware attached to the front. The Jackie 1961 so far remains a highly recognizable and contemporary creation, which is available in multiple colorways and materials.

Out of the many signature bag lines from Gucci, the Jackie 1961 was presented as a protagonist on James Corden’s The Gucci Beloved Talk Show. A creative genius as envisioned by Alessandro, the beloved Jackie 1961 was seen alongside celebrities Harry Styles and Sienna Miller on the show. Read more.

The Kelly Bag by Hermès

Tracing the history of iconic bags named after famous personalities, the next in line is the Kelly bag from the House of Hermès. Grace Kelly, a prominent figure from the mid-1950s, was regularly papped clutching to a particular handbag. After much speculation from the paparazzi, it was popularised that the actress was, in fact, carrying an Hermès leather bag to protect her pregnant abdomen from the cameras. 

Robert Dumas had created this top handle women’s bag in the 1930s, which then marked a bold entry to an era of modern style. Brought to global fame by Grace Kelly, this leather bag was renamed in the 1950s only to be called the ‘Kelly bag.’ Draped with uniformed creativity and precision, the Kelly bag held a stature of inspiration and elegance, just like the bag’s namesake. An epitome of the notion of ‘fresh faced’ beauty, Grace Kelly naturally created an aura of charm and grace around her. And with just that, the Kelly bag, without any planned advertisement, shot to its heightened glory. 

With a trapezoid-shaped external structure, the Kelly was installed with dual triangular gussets, a cut-out flap on the front, dual side straps, and a sturdy handle at the top. Festooned with geometric accuracy and the striking accents of the House, the Kelly bag went on to become an archetypal entity desired by women worldwide. In recent times, the Kelly family by Hermès has been extended into a wider range of goods, like the Kelly pocket compact wallet, the Kelly belt, etc. 

The Oversized Alexa from the Mulberry x Alexa Chung Collection

To mark the auspicious event of their 50th anniversary, Mulberry announced its collaboration with a long-time friend, Alexa Chung. Alexa, who launched her eponymous label in 2017, likes to pair masculine formality with vintage romance to explore a new stylish dimension. Chung’s unconventional yet noteworthy dressing choices endorse her as an important figure in fashion. In this collaborative line, the House of Mulberry combines Chung’s artistic signatures with the label’s ancient prowess to present an exciting range of goods solely dedicated under Chung’s name. 

Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

Soon after its release, the Alexa Chung x Mulberry collection became one of the most sought-after designs and instantly gained popularity. The Oversized Alexa bag was one of the many leather goods that infused a blend of everyday functionality and timeless luxury quite flawlessly. 

The Mulberry Alexa satchel merges its slouchy external shape with the brand’s classic elements to offer a luxe yet practical handbag design. From the braided handle perched on the top to the signatory Postman’s lock closure on the frontal flap, the skill with which the bag is carved is applaudable. As its name suggests, the Oversized Alexa generates ample internal space, secured by the double strap closure on the flap. Moreover, the adjustable shoulder strap gives a convenient and hassle-free way of carrying the bag. An array of varying colors and textural differences are incorporated to put forth many versions of the Mulberry Alexa bag.

Truthfully, there is no better way to pay homage and honor each of these celebrities. But while we shed light on only a few iconic bags named after famous personalities, a plethora of hidden gems await to be found. The creation of such epic, monumental pieces will never cease until fashion and its virtue keep on inspiring. 

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