Bag of the Week: Loewe Hammock Bag

If you are looking for a handbag that is distinctive, statement-making, and ergonomic all at once, then you can count on the Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe for help. A treasure trove of the finest leather goods, the brand extends some of the best handbag heroes like Puzzle, Amazona, and the Basket bags. However, today we are crushing on a Loewe that’s everything you were looking for and even more. Presenting to you our Bag of the Week — Loewe Hammock bag. 

Loewe Hammock Bag
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Introduced in the Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection by the mastermind Jonathan Anderson, the Hammock bag carries an innovative design for the modern woman and thrives as a Loewe classic. Embodying an avant-garde style and elegance, Loewe Hammock is a fitting illustration of Anderson’s creative genius and the brand’s commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from a hammock, Loewe has smartly included a hammock’s comfort and versatility in the bag’s design through pioneering construction and clever details. 

Design Analysis

Unconventional style and functionality lie at the core of the Loewe Hammock bag in balance with unbounded charm. It’s a piece of art with a unique design that can be folded and expanded through zippers on the sides into different silhouettes. Out of the four sides, two panels of the bag are structured, and the other two have been given a softer look. The dichotomy in the construction of the different sides exists in sweet harmony, adding an architectural appeal to the bag. 

Loewe Hammock Bag
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The Loewe Hammock bag is adaptable and flexible, much like the women who carry it. The bag comes equipped with two flat handles at the top and a shoulder strap that loops around the handles allowing the wearer to wear it on the shoulder or crossbody. Furthermore, it boasts a sizeable interior with slip pockets and a zipper one on the exterior. 

While the composition of the bag emphasizes its utility, the beauty of Loewe Hammock is spotlighted through small elements and details. The hand-painted edges and clean lines affirm quality, the polished hardware represents refinement, and the embossed Anagram logo at the front gives Hammock a signature appeal. 

Loewe Hammock bag ⸺ Material, Size, Color

Crafted in Spain, the Hammock primarily comes in world-class leather. However, over the years, the bag has inspired new iterations in a choice of materials, colors, and sizes, all the time retaining its original charm and aesthetics. 

Loewe Hammock Bag
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Loewe offers Hammock in classic materials like calfskin, pebbled leather, and embossed nubuck. Interesting combinations of leather with jacquard canvas, suede, woven fabric, and more are also popular. From understated white, beige, and grey to popping yellow, blue, and orange shades, Hammock is imagined in a rainbow of hues.  Also, dramatic style enthusiasts can’t stop gravitating towards the printed and multicolored versions. 

Loewe Hammock bag comes in three primary sizes:

Loewe Mini Hammock bag

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Smallest in size, the mini Hammock comes with drawstring fasteners and has the longest shoulder strap making it an ideal crossbody bag. It’s simply perfect for women on the go and can easily hold essentials like your phone, charger, wallet, and more. 

Loewe Small Hammock bag

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An ultimate everyday bag is the small-sized Loewe Hammock. It is suitable for work, casual outings, and even for evenings dinners. 




Loewe Medium Hammock Tote

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Although Hammock is characteristically designed in a hobo silhouette, there is a version of it for tote fans as well. Women who like big, sizeable bags can settle on the medium-sized Hammock tote. It proves to be a lovely partner for travel as its capacious interior can hold more than just the basics. 


A beautiful collaboration of technique and innovation, the Loewe Hammock is a contemporary women’s handbag that adds a high-fashion accent to any look while keeping your needs in check. It is statement-making with a design that sparks conversation and a collectible by virtue of exquisite craftsmanship. At a time when most of the It bags look quite alike with conventional elements and silhouettes, Loewe Hammock is the moon in a sky full of stars. 

Women seeking something out-of-the-box, open your spending valves and grab the Loewe Hammock bag now! 


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