Shoe Spotlight: So Kate By Christian Louboutin

Out of the numerous noteworthy shoe designs, the So Kate pump from the House of Christian Louboutin forever exudes excellence and defines ethereal beauty. This label stands synonymous with elegance, thus promising nothing but confidence as you walk out the door wearing a CL shoe. The House’s abundant adroitness in shoemaking is evident through the intricacy and skill with which each shoe is crafted.

A skilled artisan and a true romantic at heart, Christian Louboutin started small with his shoe business, being completely unaware of how his brand would become such an integral and globally-growing business one day. The designer states, “The dream was to do beautiful shoes for beautiful girls. I just wanted to have a pretty shop and I thought I would eventually have a second one somewhere”. 

Classy, Chic, and Charming—The So Kate pump

So Kate pumpSo Kate pump

Launched during the Fall-Winter 2013 collection, the So Kate pump has since then become one of the most iconic designs originating from the House. A feature that draws more attention and popularity to this pump is the derivation of its name. Kate Moss—a fashion visionary and a famed supermodel—was seldom seen not rocking a CL pump. To celebrate Moss’ chic, 90’s supermodel style, the Christian Louboutin So Kate pump was named after her. 

Be it the signatory red sole, the curvaceous arch, or the perfectly formed exterior, the brilliance and dexterity put into crafting this design eternally remain unmatched and nonpareil. Like the other CL classics—the Pigalle and the Lady Peep— the So Kate pump too has gradually gained popularity all over the world.  

Exploring the Featural Beauty of Louboutin’s So Kate So Kate pump

Right from its toe to the slender heel tip, the So Kate elegantly chases its edgy form with saving grace. The exterior of this pump exhibits a pointed toe, followed by an audacious archway and an elevating stiletto heel that’s tapered to the tip. Unlike the Pigalle Follie, the So Kate unveils a lesser décolleté and accords slightly more room for your toes. The placement of its curvaceous body on the fine heel lends a dramatic twist to its appearance. So Kate pumpThe So Kate oh-so-royally flaunts the classic red sole on its structure, thus successfully incorporating the label’s longstanding love for shiny red lacquer. Even with its minimally-carved silhouette, this dreamy CL pump effortlessly shapes your feet into an enchanting gait.
The So Kate pump comes in various versions and prints that include a wide range of exotic skins and leather. 

Fit to complement any outfit or occasion, this pump brings nothing but transforming joy to your sartorial taste. One glance at this fabulous Christian Louboutin pump is never enough. One always keeps coming back for more. So let your shoe collection be au courant with this magnifique pair. And with the new year just setting in, the So Kate pump seems to be the perfect gift for yourself!

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