How to Look After Your Hermès Handbags

Known for their timeless luxury and one-of-a-kind creations, Hermès is truly a revolutionary Maison in the fashion world. It is everyone’s dream to own at least one Hermès handbag in their lifetime. And once you do, caring for that bag is a responsibility one must be willing to take. To preserve your high-value and precious collection of Hermès handbags, The Luxury Closet’s Senior Authentication Manager Nicola Ghin leaves us with four very important tips. 

Nicola Ghin at The Luxury Closet store

1. Keep calm and clean your Hermès bag

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Every time you use your handbag, the first thing to do is empty the inner pockets and remove any possible trace of dust. If necessary, turn the bag inside out (only if the shape and the materials allow you to). Otherwise, use a lint roller to reach every corner. If your bag is crafted using hard/pressed grain leather (E.g., Caviar, Togo, or Epsom), wipe the exterior with an absorbent, non-pilling cloth or an alcohol-free baby wipe. In case of untreated leather, suede, or an exotic material, use a dry paper towel. 

2. Never let your Hermès bag remain empty

Stuffing your bag with the right materials is a crucial practice to preserve your bag. You can fill it with a neatly rolled piece of paper or bubble wrap. (Avoid newspapers as the ink may smudge and stain your lining!) But, do not overfill. Carefully wrap up exposed pieces like the clochette to prevent them from leaving marks on the exterior.

3. Protect your Hermès bag just like it protects your valuables 

The best way to protect your bag is to cover it in its original dustbag. To prevent color transfer, one can use an unbranded dustbag as long as it is made from neutral-colored cotton fabric. Make sure this dustbag is large enough. To minimize the risk of color transfers during storage, avoid contact between your bags by keeping them separate. In the case of crossbody or shoulder bags, wrap their chains or shoulder straps with tissue paper.

4. Correct Storage, Less Damage!

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Refrain from hanging your bag as this practice might negatively impact the integrity and the shape of the handles. Using the original box would be ideal, but it is better to use an alternative one if it’s not available anymore. Always remember that your Hermès bag should lie flat and rest nicelyjust like sleeping beauty!

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