The Hidden Benefits of Purchasing Pre-Loved Items

We all love designer goodies, and the thought of finding that special something that you will keep forever sees most of us coming back to pre-loved luxury boutiques. Aside from our love for fashion, though, there are many benefits to buying pre-loved, and we’re taking the opportunity to put them under the spotlight.

Keeping Clothes Out of Landfills

Sustainable Fashion
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When you purchase secondhand fashion products, you give them a second (or maybe even third or fourth) period of use. More people buying pre-loved means manufacturers are forced to re-evaluate their practices to save their products from languishing on store shelves. Put simply, when items have a longer life, manufacturers make less and waste less.

Keeping Your Wardrobe Unique

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A glance down any high street can tell you what the “in” thing is, but a few vintage pieces can give your outfit the edge even if you choose to follow those trends. In fact, there are some creations so iconic that you can match them with anything. This scenario is particularly true for jewellery and accessories. Something like a Tiffany &Co. necklace is such a classic it could stay around forever.

Cutting Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are gases released into the atmosphere that increase the greenhouse effect and raise the planet’s temperature. Mostly attributed to burning fossil fuels to provide heat and energy, buying pre-loved items can also help here by cutting down on both manufacturing and the emissions from transporting goods around the world.

Changing the System

Pre-loved fashion items must be of good quality to earn the title. Bad quality clothing and accessories tend to be made with cheaper and less hardwearing materials, so they rarely make it into the pre-owned arena. This makes investing in secondhand fashion pieces a great way to tell the manufacturers what you want — good quality, hardwearing clothing and accessories from sustainable and ethical companies.

Saving Money and Getting a Second Chance

Good quality products cost more money, but buying pre-loved luxury goods can make things less expensive while getting you exactly what you want. There is also the possibility of finding limited edition designer pieces, giving you a second chance to buy something you thought you had already missed. Creations like Baume & Mercier watches, Dolce & Gabbana clothes, and Balenciaga handbags that you thought had passed you might turn up if you look in the right places.

Encouraging Circular Fashion

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Circular fashion is good-quality clothing and accessories made using sustainable materials and methods. The idea is to encourage fashion brands and manufacturers to create goods with the aim of keeping them in circulation for as long as possible. By getting those at the very root of the industry — who design the items and make the important decisions — to instigate change, circular fashion could be a great tool in the fight against climate change.

The best benefit of modern pre-loved shopping is that you can do it with ease and from the comfort of your home. With an easy returning process for when something isn’t quite right and a team of experts at our disposal to help verify the goods, here at The Luxury Closet, we are already doing our bit. Make your shopping sustainable with some pre-loved fashion.

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