Why Choose Pre-Loved Fashion?

To most people out there, clothes are so much more than simply something to wear – we use them to make statements; to tell people at a glance about who we are, where we are from, and what we believe in. Clothes are crucial to us, and we have a global fashion industry worth over $1.5 trillion to prove it. 

The world is now slowly awakening to the damage being done to the planet by carbon emissions and other forms of pollution. The fashion industry, along with all the others, has been called upon to play its part in reducing or eliminating the use of harmful materials and processes.

As consumers, we are the final link in the fashion chain, making us significant in bringing a change in the industry. We largely dictate the market with what, when, and how we buy, which translates into a shift for the producers in the market.

In recent years, campaigners have begun to use the term “circular fashion” as the ultimate goal of the sustainable fashion movement. Circular fashion is a regenerative process where clothes are used and circulated until their apex value is retained. This approach enables the effort to slow global warming by:

  •  Keeping clothes out of landfills – Good quality clothing is far more likely to be sold on or donated for a second (or even third) life. Put simply, using clothes for longer periods means fewer clothes need to be made. As smart consumers, we need to build a timeless closet, instead of following fleeting trends where we don and ditch clothes in no time, we can buy apparels that are minimal, good-quality, and can be styled in various ways.
  •  Using sustainable materials and processes – People often consider synthetic materials when discussing environmental impact, but the methods used to produce clothing and accessories can be just as harmful. By opting for sustainable fashion and safer procedures, you put across a point to the manufacturers. Sooner or later, they will respond.
  • Reducing the emissions from transportation – With fashion being moved in everything from airplanes to minivans, the emissions from transportation can easily be lessened by decreasing the number of clothes in production that will eventually need transportation.
  •  Reducing manufacturing – While people continue to buy and use fast fashion, it is more difficult for manufacturers to give it up. If we can replace fast fashion with circular fashion, a reduction in manufacturing would seem to be a natural consequence, as the poorer quality and damaging items would be left on the shelf.

By choosing pre-loved fashion, you do your bit for the environment without giving up your fashion favorites. You’re not just helping keep used items out of landfills, you are also supporting the movement which aims to make major, industry-wide changes for the benefit of everyone, and make sustainable fashion the industry standard – and you might just find yourself a few vintage gems along the way.

Top Finds: Pre-Loved Vintage Bags from The Luxury Closet

Vintage Chanel Kelly Top Handle Bag

Production Year: 1996 – 1997

choosing pre-loved fashion

Christian Dior Malice Shoulder Bag

Production year: 1999-2000

Vintage Dior Bag choosing pre-loved fashion

Christian Dior Vintage Lady Dior Tote 

Production year: 2003

Vintage Lady Dior

Louis Vuitton Vintage Pont Neuf Bag in Epi Leather

Production year: 1998

LV Vintage Handbag

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Vintage Ellipse PM Bag

Production year: 1999

sustainable fashion

Chanel Vintage Reissue 2.55 Classic 227 Flap Bag

Production year: 2008 – 2009

Chanel Vintage bag

Dior Saddle Bag in Canvas and Leather

Production year: 2002

choosing pre-loved fashion

Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Speedy 30 Bag

Production year: 2001

LV Speedy Vintage bag

Chanel Vintage Number 5 Flap Bag

Production year: 2002 – 2003

Vintage Chanel Handbag

Chanel Silver Quilted Leather Vintage Clutch Bag

Production year: 1996 – 1997

choosing pre-loved fashion

The Luxury Closet has a huge selection of new and pre-loved creations to help you save the world and your wardrobe all at once. We offer an assemblage of high-end clothes, watches, fine jewelry, footwear, and designer handbags. There is a little something for anyone and everyone, all verified by our industry experts before being placed on our website.

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