How to Store Your Designer Clothing & Textile Accessories

Maintaining a well-curated wardrobe means having a proper care regime in place—be it for your delicates, everyday staples, or occasional wear. This will ensure your favorite pieces remain as good as new for a long time. Designer clothing does come with the assurance of enduring quality, but this is only true when we follow the correct measures for their upkeep, storage being one crucial aspect. Below, we cover some simple tips on how to store your designer clothing and textile accessories when they’re not in use.

How to Store Evening Gowns & Wedding dresses

  • Thoroughly clean the garment before storing it.
  • Use high-quality hangers that can hold the weight of the dress and make use of the support straps that may come attached to it.
  • Use an acid-free cardboard storage box.
  • Use acid-free tissue paper as extra care for embellishments and decorative elements.
  • Depending on the design, gently stuff the bodice and sleeves with white acid-free paper to retain the shape.
  • Use cloth bags to allow the garment to breathe.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

How to Store Cashmere Sweaters & Coats

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  • Ensure the garment is thoroughly cleaned before it goes into storage.
  • Neatly fold the item and place it on a shelf or in a drawer. Avoid having it on a hanger as this may cause stretching and loss of shape.
  • Opt for cotton fabric storage bags with proper closure to help maintain air flow and keep moths away.

How to Store Leather Jackets

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  • Place it on a padded hanger or a wide wooden hanger. Avoid thin wire hangers.
  • Cover the piece in a cloth garment bag. Avoid storing in plastics as it does not allow the item to breathe and may cause discoloration.
  • Gently stuff the bodice and sleeves with white acid-free paper to retain the shape of the jacket.
  • Provide the garment with a good amount of space when it is inside a closet.
  • Store the jacket in a dry, dark place to avoid discoloration and loss of shape.

How to Store Silk Scarves

  • As silk tends to crease and wrinkle easily, store the scarf in its original box or a drawer by itself without anything kept over it.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid plastic storage bags as they lock in moisture and may cause the item to smell.
  • Use natural moth repellent if you’re going to store the item for longer periods.

How to Store Silk Ties

how to store your designer clothing and accessories
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  • Ensure there are no knots.
  • Drape it on a tie rack and cover the rack with a cloth to prevent dust and dirt, or loosely roll the tie and place it in a box or drawer.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place.

How to Store Fur Coats

  • The temperature in a range of 50-60F (10-15C) and minimum humidity is the ideal condition for preserving fur.
  • A padded or wide wooden hanger will help maintain the garment’s shape and support its full weight. Avoid using hooks.
  • Store in breathable fabric bags or as is.
  • Provide the garment with a good amount of space inside a closet to allow air flow and to avoid the fur flattening out.

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