Shoe Spotlight: Jimmy Choo Aveline Sandal

Jimmy Choo is a brand that has inspired us to dream beautiful dreams and made it possible for us to wear them. This is a House where shoe tales are written and spread around the world, one shoe box at a time. So, when the popular Aveline sandals launched, it was no surprise really that Jimmy Choo was behind them.

Jimmy Choo Aveline Sandal Black

If we were asked to describe the Aveline in one line, we’d say it is the kind of shoe Cinderella would choose when she’s not wearing her glass slippers. Fun, flirty, and fabulous, there is no reason why this JC sandal shouldn’t be under our shoe spotlight. 

Jimmy Choo Aveline Sandal: Modern Attitude & Feminine Spirit

Jimmy Choo Aveline Sandal black

Created by Sandra Choi, this dramatic shoe is about a mismatched idea done right! At first glance, you’ll feel like two different pairs have come together as one. The exaggerated (and hand-tied) mesh bows — one on the toe strap and the other on the counter — form the heartbeat of the entire design. They’re like neatly-wrapped gifts that spark pure joy. Just gorgeous. The other attributes include a nice open toe, a covered-up counter with a side buckled ankle strap, and a stiletto heel that provokes a magnificent arch. 

Papin Lab / Shutterstock.com
Photo Credit: Papin Lab / Shutterstock.com

The brand calls the sandal ‘playful,’ and while we fully agree that it is, we like to believe the character of the Jimmy Choo Aveline is larger. The Aveline, with its asymmetric bows and clean lines, echoes the vibe of today’s most-favored footwear styles that balance standout elements with more dainty, open-cut construction. Case in point, the YSL Opyum sandal, Bottega Veneta Lido mule, and Stuart Weitzman Nudist. Delightfully distinct and unmistakably glamorous, Choi manages to create something so powerful in a manner that seems like no effort. Truly, it’s an apt representation of how simplicity is divine. 

It’s as clear as daylight that we’re smitten by these Jimmy Choo sandals. I mean, what’s not to love! They elicit happy feelings and natural confidence; when a shoe does so much, one must simply have it! 

Our shoe spotlight pick joins the long list of popular Jimmy Choo shoes, such as the Lance sandal, Bing mule, and Romy pump. Explore and shop new and pre-owned Jimmy Choo shoes here.

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