Bag of the Week: Chanel Heart Bag

Some say you must wear your heart on the sleeve, but Chanel wants you to wear it on your shoulder. Coming from a luxury Maison possessing years of experience and refined elegance in their pocket, you may want to take their fashion advice. Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2022 show, as usual, witnessed stunning models gracing their ramp. But what caught the eye of many and was quick to steal the limelight was this cutely-shaped Heart bag. An iconic ’90s sensation, the 1995’s heart-shaped handbag by Chanel is, and will always be, Karl Lagerfeld’s magnum opus. But we are sure that Chanel’s recent revisit to its archives has left a wave of interest amongst all Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts. 

Chanel Heart Bag
You certainly don’t need Valentine’s day excuse or any other special occasion to flaunt your heart-shaped accessories. Pop culture is proof of that. Carrie Bradshaw can hardly part with her chunky heart pendant from Sex and the City. Not to forget the nostalgic blue diamond necklace seen in Titanic. From neckpieces to shoulder bags, we are definitely all in for heart silhouettes. 

Over many years, Chanel has amassed a quite lengthy list of remarkable handbags— Mademoiselle, Boy, Gabrielle, but we must agree that this whimsical break from structured totes and crossbody bags greatly fetches a quirky antidote for your luxury collection.  

Inside the Chanel Medium Heart Bag 

Chanel Heart Bag
Accessorizing with a heart-inspired motif may not be on everyone’s style calendar, but by the time we finish narrating what this Chanel Heart bag is all about, you may have changed your mind. Although Chanel opts for a much more distinctive shape with this bag, appearance-wise, it adheres to the same signature formula. Lambskin leather is accentuated with the iconic quilted pattern to neatly envelop the entire exterior. While the unique silhouette of this Chanel piece is a conversation starter, the contrasting metal accents bring in a dense amount of unspoken attractiveness. 

Chanel Heart Bag

Chanel Heart Bag

A pocket is situated on the front, which can be fastened with the instantly-identifiable CC turnlock, and the top zipper reveals the main interior. At the back, an additional small slip pocket is located. Space-wise, the Chanel Heart is generous, enough to throw in a few make-up essentials and necessities to get going for the day. Just like most Chanel handbags, the classic intertwined leather and chain strap is a feature that’s hard to miss, whether it’s adorning your shoulder or placed in your hand.

Bringing a peculiarly-fashioned bag may seem a tad cheesy at work, but this dainty Chanel creation is going to be the star at parties and girly night-outs. Made in two sizes, mini and medium, all the six color iterations of this Chanel Heart bag—pink, black, light pink, purple, blue, and white give away the same perky aesthetic, making them hot pieces for the younger audience. The Heart collection extends to their Heart mini bag, Heart zipped coin purse, Heart clutch with chain, and Heart belt bag. 

At The Luxury Closet, versions of the Chanel Heart bag await to become yours. It is safe to believe that with all the attention and love, this Chanel accessory is experiencing its finest renaissance moment. Ever classic, contemporary, and chic, this beautiful Heart bag is truly set to establish itself as this season’s new talisman of love. 

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