Loro Piana: A Masterclass in Minimalism, Tradition, and Sustainability

Skiting a past that can be traced back to the early 19th century and is constructed upon traditional Italian family values, Loro Piana’s genesis began as a woolen retailer dealing in fine textiles and drapery. Cradled upon a relentless loyalty to artisanal craftsmanship, Loro Piana has been a beacon of top-tier fabrics and finished apparel for generations.

In a realm of fast fashion that is often focused on garments machined from synthetics at cheap prices, the label has blazed a trail of triumph by engineering natural fibers and finishing impeccable Italian-made clothes to establish to the fashion world that a lot can be accomplished when quality on its own is the steering force of creativity.

Loro Piana
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Loro Piana for Responsible Luxury

Loro Piana is a cashmere label that has built its name selling extravagantly-priced sweaters to the most tasteful elites. Not only is the label’s production incredibly paltry due to the rarefied quality of its fondle-worthy sweaters, jackets, and knitted apparel, but the manner in which the cashmere is sourced from the interiors of Mongolia’s hulking Hircus goats is as carbon neutral as it can get. Only little machinery is employed in the process, the land needed is very less, and the number of goats that even exist is minute. It would be a great bargain to make the entire method of sourcing cashmere extensively less expensive if the brand had raised goats elsewhere in Mongolia. But the most laudable cashmere can only be harvested from goats residing in the most strenuous environments. It mirrors Loro Piana’s uncompromising efforts towards the promise of quality. 

Launched by the brand itself in 2015, the ‘Cashmere of the Year’ award strives to support and encourage those breeders who nurture the goats and attain the rare cashmere. The award aims to promote a sustainable growth model that accords to an equilibrium between the environment, local populations, and ecosystem, thus conserving the quality of cashmere.

Another major material the House utilizes is vicuña, one of the world’s most precious and rarest fibers, to be found in the Bolivian, Peruvian, and Argentinian regions. Vicuñas were nearing extinction as they were hunted down indiscriminately for their precious coat of fleece for a couple of centuries. The Peruvian government and Loro Piana signed an agreement in 1994 that accorded the brand the sole honor of buying and obtaining the vicuña fiber only from alive ones. To strengthen this commitment, once again, Peru’s first ever nature reserve was created by the national authorities. In this secured area that is spread over a wide expanse, the vicuñas are free to be and live wild. That is how the House sources vicuña only with sustainable methods in alliance with local populations.

Pure and Unadulterated: Minimalism At Its Best

Today, the Maison gets its raw materials with sustainable methods that are of the highest quality in order, pretty much unmatchable and rare. The label’s determined quest for quality has lasted for hundreds of years, six generations, and yielded the most luxurious fabrics that are a treat to the sense of touch. Standing tall on the shoulders of their ancestors, the current echelons retain and revere the tradition of Italian heritage and the value of tailoring. Tradition and innovation set a benchmark for Loro Piano and inspire them to strive for perfection.

Loro Piana
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Free of prints and logos, the paramount ethos of the label is to present creations of peak value, characterized by a classic and minimal aesthetic, which almost never follows fleeting fashion trends and only promises timeless elegance. From the sailor-influenced Open Walk boots and Summer Charm loafers to buttery soft knitwear and refined shirts, offerings from Loro Piana will be the ultimate choice to build a sustainable wardrobe you can always return to.

Top Loro Piana Picks From The Luxury Closet

Loro Piana L19 Pouch

Loro Piana L19 Pouch Bag

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Loro Piana Summer Walk Charms Loafers

Loro Piana sweaters for men

Loro Piana Sweater with Stripes and Long Sleeves

Loro Piana Nuages Sneakers

Loro Piana Nuages Sneakers

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Trousers in Orange with Zipper Details

Loro Piana Polo T-shirt for men

Loro Piana Polo Shirt in Navy Blue

Loro Piana Open Walk Boots

Loro Piana Open Walk Boots

Loro Piana jacket for men

Loro Piana Woolen Blazer in Navy Blue

Loro Piana shoes

Loro Piana Flexy Sneakers

Loro Piana green bag

Loro Piana Ostrich Cluisee Bag in Green

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