Remembering Queen Elizabeth II Through Her Evergreen and Vibrant Style

Clouds of grief and sadness have engulfed the skies of London as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday at Balmoral Castle in the Highlands of Scotland. She was UK’s longest-serving monarch. 

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Her Majesty’s long-striding 70-year reign will never be forgotten. Through her ever-youthful aura and refreshing candor, the Queen’s public appearances were always observed as awe-inspiring to many. Conveying an optimistic undertone and an elegant wave, Her Majesty’s fashion choices were never ephemeral — A true royal lesson for generations to come, if we may. 

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With a keen understanding of the power of fashion, she used clothing as symbolism to send messages of diplomatic goodwill. For her tours, the Queen’s looks were meticulously planned so they were relevant to the particular country she was visiting. In 1983 she visited Los Angeles for a reception and banquet. She donned a gown with embroidered orange poppies, which is the state flower of California. For one of her visits to Ireland, she wore a green outfit as a gesture of respect and tribute to the host country.

Much of Her Majesty’s most memorable fashion moments were created by British fashion designers — from her ivory silk wedding gown in 1947 and her coronation dress for the Gillies Ball at Balmoral Castle in 1971, both by Sir Norman Hartnell, the floral-embroidered silk shift dress by Sir Edwin Hardy Amies in 1968 for an official portrait at Buckingham Palace, her bright chiffon and printed outfits by Ian Thomas in the 70s and 80s, to Angela Kelly’s color-coordinated ensembles she wore for the last 24 years. Her Majesty’s signature frame handbag and favorite choice of shoes were also by British labels. 

The Queen initiated the Queen Elizabeth II Award to recognize emerging British Fashion Talent. The idea for the award was given by Angela Kelly, and it was created following Her Majesty’s 90th birthday. Every year, in collaboration with the Royal Household, the British Fashion Council will choose an exceptional designer, and the award will be presented by a senior member of the Royal family. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s Iconic Style Elements

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June 16, 2007: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II at the Trooping the Colour ceremony. Editorial Credit: Alessia Pierdomenico/Shutterstock.com

Three-strand Pearl Necklace

A familial heirloom bearing years of history, Her Majesty’s unmissable three-strand pearl necklace is said to be a gift from her dear father, Late King George VI. Lustrous pearls strung together in a triple-tier formation have always been one of her favorite accessories.


Over the years, the Queen has adorned some iconic and innovative hats. From turban-styled headpieces to floral-covered beauties, hats became an indispensable part of her dress code. They were strategically crafted to match her outfits and in a way that her face was fully visible. 

Vibrant Coats

‘If I wore beige, nobody would know who I am.’ Her Majesty always maintained her principle that you need to be seen to be believed. Therefore, a vivid coat remained a signatory element of the Queen’s closet. Her fashionable wardrobe opened the gates of flexible dressing for the future female members of the Royal family.


Keeping in line with her thoughtfully-curated fashion ensembles, the Queen’s selection of brooches represented sentiments, symbolism, cultural sensibilities, and diplomacy. The brooches are precious, of course, as they come adorned with some of the most exquisite stones, but even greater is the historical significance and sentimental value attached to each piece. Some of the most famous brooches worn by Queen Elizabeth II are the True Lover’s Knot Brooch, Cullinan III and IV brooch, Williamson Diamond Brooch, and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Fringe Brooch

Top Handle Purse

The Queen’s selection of handbags was worth noticing. Among the vast collection she amassed, Her Majesty’s go-to style was the Traviata bag from Launer. This bag is characterized by its boxy structure and shapely handles. The notable bag was often carried as a style accessory and as a way to secretly communicate with her staff. 

Sleek Shoes

Even though the Queen’s color-popping outfits and impressive headwear have made headlines in the past, her picks in footwear are no less. For over 50 years, Her Majesty always chose the same style of shoes that were custom-made to her preference. A London-based footwear company, Anello & Davide, and French designer, Roger Vivier were Her Majesty’s eternal favorites. 

It is certain that the Queen’s wardrobe selections are about to enter the ‘Hall of Fame.’ A royal touch on modern dressing, sophisticated sartorial picks, and an effervescent spirit that transcends time and age — that’s how we will always picture this great figure. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is, and will always remain, the total and complete paradigm of seamless regality and grace. 

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