Grace Kelly, a Forever Fashion Inspiration

If we were to define ‘timeless style,’ we would undoubtedly find Grace Kelly’s name first on the list. Renowned as Alfred Hitchcock’s leading lady, the blue-eyed beauty also took the heart of Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1955 and went on to be crowned as a princess at the age of 26. The royal princess was one of Hollywood’s golden girls and a veritable style idol recognized for her refined looks. Grace Kelly’s style is a colossal part of her legacy, and she set the level for decades of women’s fashion. Her fashionable moments always strike the correct note as she gravitated towards classic silhouettes, glorious gowns by Hollywood designers such as Helen Rose and Edith Head, exceptional jewelry, designer top handle bags, Christian Dior dresses, and much more. In celebration of the European princess’ birth anniversary, we revisit some of Grace Kelly’s iconic looks and fashion favorites.

Grace Kelly's Style
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Looking Back at Grace Kelly’s Style


Grace Kelly's Style
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Pearls are no strangers to royals. Princess of Monaco loved her accessories, but her go-to trinkets were often lustrous pearls. Worn as chic drop earrings or as necklaces, she made these delicate marine gems her choice for most of her outfits that stood out as a modern statement. 

Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly's Style
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Dubbed the “Wedding of the Century,” betided on 19th April 1956, the soon-to-be princess was cloaked in a piece of art that took several meters of ivory silk, hundreds of meters of Brussels lace festooned with a row of cultured pearls. Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was designed by the actress’ favorite designer Helen Rose, whose understanding of Kelly’s style came from experience. The iconic wedding dress has guided some royal wedding outfits since, including Kate Middleton’s.

Elegant Tailoring

Designer Belted Dresses
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Grace Kelly’s style is something that kept her at the top of the Hollywood pantheon and later in the headlines post-marriage. Be it her iconic red carpet looks or ensemble choices whilst performing royal duties, it was always timeless, chic, and graceful. From high-waisted trousers paired with button-down shirts to swing coats and belted dresses, Grace Kelly’s wardrobe trickled nothing but sheer elegance. Her restrained bourgeois style was often accompanied by a strand of pearls, Hermès silk scarves, and sleek updos.


Designer Sunglasses for Women
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On the big screen and in public appearances, one accessory the Princess Grace of Monaco always had on was her designer sunglasses. Square, cat-eye, oversized, or round, she donned all silhouettes with perfection, in fact, seldom seen without her shades. Her picks hitherto inspire the chic vintage sunglasses that we see everywhere.

A Muse for Many

Hermès Kelly Bag

rare Hermès Kelly Bag
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It’s almost unimaginable to think about a time when the exclusive Hermès Kelly was not the exemplary handbag that it is today. It only accidentally got famous in 1956. The Hollywood actress Grace Kelly was papped carrying the Sac à dépêches to mask her baby bump from the media photographers. Top-handled, trapezium-sculpted, the oft-imitated purse, which started life as a storage fix for a horse’s saddle, was presented to Kelly by Hitchcock’s wardrobe designer Edith Head for To Catch a Thief. The photo ended up on the front pages of magazines all over the world, and that’s when people started referring to the Hermès bag as ‘The Kelly bag’. After this, Hermès Kelly reaped more popularity everywhere, eventually becoming a status symbol for elite women. Although the handbag was commonly known as the Kelly bag since 1956, it actually was not relabeled until 1977 by the Maison!

Gucci Flora Scarf

Let’s go back in time to 1966 when Grace reached Milan with her husband, Prince Rainier, and visited the Gucci boutique on Montenapoleone in search of a wedding present for a friend. Rodolfo Gucci, son of Guccio, chose to give the princess something remarkable that suited Grace Kelly’s style. He had commissioned a design from artist Vittorio Accornero de Testa, who was associated with the Italian label from 1960 to 1981, for a Gucci silk scarf to gift to Grace Kelly. He made over 80 scarves for the brand, but the one that remained perennial with the Maison was the ‘Flora’—a square-cut silk sprinkled with blooming flowers that became the footing on which Gucci handbags, dresses, and jewelry would be created for the coming decades. Each piece blossomed with 43 varieties of flowers, plants, and insects with 37 different hues, which was no easy task—every scarf was crafted entirely by hand. The creator discovered inspiration in Botticelli’s Allegory of Spring, which describes the nymph Chloris re-birthed as Flora in a dress showcasing chrysanthemums, roses, daisies, and poppies.

Gucci Silk Scarf

With the trifecta of exquisite accessories, tasteful tailoring of gowns, dresses, casual fits, and sleek handbags, she became a venerable force of fashion and something of a definitive statement on how to dress. The bijou-featured lady was emphatic in her embrace of restrained femininity that continues to set a precedent for women of today.

World’s First Luxury Brand for Good

Grace Kelly’s style exuded refinement, her Hollywood presence, and her regal existence—all of it symphonized into a global luxury brand in honor of her living legacy. The Grace de Monaco brand under the Princess Grace Foundation has immortalized her ethos that lives through the values of the label. All earnings from the sale of GDM products are contributed to the artists of tomorrow. Truly, ‘luxury for good’!

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Outfit Inspiration from Grace Kelly’s Style

As ageless as Grace Kelly’s style was, we are simply inspired by her uncluttered and elegant wardrobe picks. So, The Luxury Closet brings you some creations influenced by royalty’s style sensibilities to channel your inner diva.

CH Carolina Herrera Gown

CH Carolina Herrera Blue Strapless Gown

Grace Kelly's Style

YSL Dress with Belt and Stole Detail

Oscar de la Renta Dress

Oscar de la Renta Belted Dress

Emporio Armani Shirt

Emporio Armani Silk Buttoned Shirt

Gucci Shirt for Women

Gucci Shirt with Pearl and Necktie Detail

Chanel CC Necklace

Chanel CC Pearl Necklace

Miu Miu Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

Roberto Cavalli Casentino Square Sunglasses

Hermes Silk Scarf

Hermès Twilly with Les Clés Print

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