EXCLUSIVE! Inside Mona Kattan’s Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet has launched an exclusive series of Celebrity Closets. For the very first episode of this super-exciting series, we come to you with none other than Mona Kattan’s closet. Mona Kattan is the Founder of Kayali fragrances, Co-Founder of Huda Beauty, and Board Member of The Luxury Closet.

This businesswoman was kind enough to let us steal a sneak peek of her gorgeous wardrobe. From vintage collectibles to just-arrived hot pieces, Mona Kattan’s closet witnesses the full package. This young entrepreneur sits down with The Luxury Closet to share her favorite fashion picks and insights on circular fashion.

TLC: How would you describe your style?

Mona: I would describe my style as glamorous, fun, and very extra.

TLC: Which is your favorite handbag, and why?

Mona: My favorite handbag would be this pink Hermès Birkin. A, cause it’s pink. B, cause it’s pink. C, cause it’s pink. (laughs) No, but for real. It was the first time I got to customize my own Birkin, so I was like, when I got the call, I almost fell off my chair. I actually put my initials on it too. It took about a year to receive, but when I got it, I was like, I am carrying it every single day for a very long time!

TLC: Can you pick one favorite luxury item?

Mona: My favorite luxury item would be these Louis Vuitton boxing gloves because they were limited edition, and I just feel like they are so bad**s, and I can kick somebody’s bu** in fashion.

TLC: Which item holds an amazing memory or adventure? 

Mona: My ‘funnest’ and most adventurous piece in my closet is this really cute pink jacket from Gucci. I got it in 2018 in Los Angeles, and I remember wearing it quite a bit for our photo content around Kayali. It was the year we were working on the launch of Kayali. We launched end of the year. So it just reminds me of fun times and LA—one of my favorite cities in the world.

TLC: What was your most recent purchase? 

Mona: My most recent purchase is this cute little mint green blingy Prada bag, which is so cute. It’s exclusive in Harrods, and I got the matching shoes! I couldn’t…I couldn’t hold myself. It’s just so cute.

TLC: Can you show us a rare or special item from your wardrobe?

Mona: My most rare and special piece in my collection is one by my stylist Maha. Come in, Maha. (cheering) And she’s wearing an awesome vintage Chanel belt, and what I love about vintage Chanel is the quality is like, what ten times better, hundred times better? There’s no comparison. 

TLC: Which was your favorite red-carpet moment?

Mona: My favorite red-carpet moment was actually very recent. It was what I wore to the FTA gala, and it’s a beautiful dress by the designer Yousef Al Jasmi. Super blingy. Super fun. Very glamorous.

TLC: What is the next luxury item on your wishlist? 

Mona: The next thing on my wishlist is by Balenciaga, and it’s these boots called La Cagole. Maha is telling me I have to buy them, so I have to buy them. 

TLC: Name one trend you are obsessed with today.

Mona: Bling. Bling. Bling. Bling. (winks)

TLC: What are some ways to contribute to the circular fashion moment? Can you share a few insights?

Mona: Here are three ways you can contribute to the circular fashion moment. So firstly, you try to repair your clothes before you just think of throwing them out. If your shoes get damaged, there are plenty of places where you can fix them. You can repair leather. You can repair stitching really easily. It’s a lot easier than you think. You just have to find the right people. You can even do it yourself. There are plenty of DIY videos, but try before you just throw things out. 

Number Two. Try swapping your clothes that you maybe have worn too many times, and you feel like you want to switch things up with friends, with family, or donate them to charity if you feel like you just don’t see yourself wearing them anymore. Or you can even sell your items with a reseller like The Luxury Closet or many others out there.

And lastly, shop second hand. I actually love shopping from second-hand resellers or even vintage stores. I feel like I’m kind of finding like hidden gems, and I feel like everything has a more interesting story. And it’s also usually things you can’t find anymore that they’re like discontinued, or they’re from like really old seasons that are making a comeback. So I love going on reseller sites or even stores to just discover what I can find that you can’t find anywhere else.

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