Wedding Outfit Guide for the Bride Squad ft. Elie Saab

We hardly ever come across designers who know the art of evening wear like the creators of the earlier aughts, and Lebanese designer Elie Saab is a monumental part of this finest coterie. Drapes that ruffle across the body, soft feathers that sway with every step, and sequins that blink in and out when lights hit them — black-tie regalia has been a linchpin at Elie Saab. We are usually found mulling through Pinterest for designer dresses for weddings. More than anything, we women — be it the bride herself, guests, or bridesmaids — want all things unique and beautiful when it comes to clothing. And Elie Saab wedding dresses are often mentioned when we think of dreamy weddings because the couturier has struck gold with his sumptuously feminine, elegant, extravagant, ultra-graceful creations.

Elie Saab dresses for wedding
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The ace fashion designer has been a blue-eyed boy with superstars and royals such as Princess Beatrice of York, Crown Princess of Sweden, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Jenners, well…the list goes on. We would love for you to don an (or many) Elie Saab dress for the most special weddings you will be attending. Check out these ethereal ensembles that will leave you mesmerized (trust us on that)!

Best Designer Bridesmaid Dresses

Everyone acknowledges that finding designer bridal dresses can be a toilsome job but picking the right maid of honor or bridesmaid dress is no easy feat either. While it’s always a privilege to be picked as a bridesmaid in one of the most memorable events in a person’s life, scoring the right attire can be tedious. Hence we are here to make it easy for you. Whether the event is traditional to boho or country to formal, there are sure Elie Saab wedding dresses below with your name on them.

Elie Saab dresses for wedding

Elie Saab Sahara Taupe Silk V-Neck Maxi Dress

Elie Saab Sunset Orange Embellished Sleeveless Gown

Elie Saab Orion Blue Embellished Sleeveless Gown

Elie Saab Castle Wall Macrame Lace Dress

Elie Saab Orion Blue One Shoulder Slit Ruffled Dress

Elie Saab Ocean Blue Silk Shoulder Long Dress 

Elie Saab Green Silk Chiffon Kimono Sleeves Dress

Elie Saab Color Horizon Printed Silk V Neck Gown L

Best Designer Wedding Guest Dresses

If you have saved the date, then now is the time to get the best wedding guest dresses for yourself. If you’re a receiver of one or many wedding invites, you must be left with a question: What shall I wear? In a quest to unearth the best wedding guest dresses, we have rounded up some of the most stunning Elie Saab wedding dresses that might make you the talk of the party, other than the bride!

 Elie Saab Orion Blue Embroidered Halter Neck Dress

Elie Saab Castle Wall Macrame Lace Paneled Dress

Elie Saab Sunset Orange Macrame Lace Dress

Elie Saab Orion Blue Cady Midi Dress

Elie Saab Flame Red Cady Long Dress

Elie Saab Knit Cut-Out Midi Dress

Elie Saab Orion Blue Draped Tie Knot Detail Dress

Elie Saab Sunset Orange Plisse V Neck Long Dress

Best Wedding After-Party Dresses For the Bride and Her Gang

We agree that the wedding gown is the most vital piece in your bridal trousseau, but your after-party dress will definitely be the most fun. These Elie Saab wedding dresses are all about sparkly fabrics, shorter hemlines, and carefree silhouettes for the bride and her band to finally let loose and enjoy the last nuptial events. An after-party is an ideal moment to slip into another celebratory bridal dress with close friends, family, and loved ones.

Elie Saab Multicolor Sequins Embroidered Midi Dress

Elie Saab White Crepe V Neck Jumpsuit 

Elie Saab Vibrant Spirals Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Elie Saab White 3D Floral Embellished Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Elie Saab White Embellished Side Slit Sleeveless Dress

Elie Saab Multicolor Sequin Embroidered Tulle Midi Dress

Elie Saab White Crepe Deep V Neck Short Jumpsuit 

Elie Saab Castle Wall Gabardin 3/4 Sleeve Short Dress

Elie Saab White Sequins Embellished Halter Neck Long Dress 

Elie Saab Castle Wall Embellished High Neck Sleeveless Long Dress

As we have taken care of what you can wear for the upcoming weddings, all that is left is to take care of your other bridesmaid duties, be pretty-looking guests, and lastly, enjoy the after-party. The amazing news is that you can score these authentic Elie Saab wedding dresses at beyond-belief prices exclusively on The Luxury Closet

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