An Introduction to Place Vendôme Jewelry

The Place Vendôme House was founded in 2016, and its name is from a historic place in Paris that is home to some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. 

Place Vendôme jewelry is characterized by a seamless blend of traditional savoir-faire and contemporary aesthetics to be modern classics, unique in allure and complementing in nature. Each jewel is created with utmost care and excellence, from the selection of precious diamonds to the crafting of the final product. Passionately dedicated to delivering exceptional jewelry, the brand creates collections as per the seasons and presents them online for everyone to purchase easily. 

Place Vendome jewelry
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6 Place Vendôme Jewelry Pieces to Invest In

1. Place Vendome Earring Vendome VI L PERCEPTION 5 Yellow Gold 2.85 Carat

Place Vendome jewelryFrom the placement of the delicate links to the diamonds that detail the front, this pair of fine jewelry earrings for women emits a strong sense of wonder and splendor. 

2. Place Vendome Ring Vendome XIII Geraldine L Malachite Yellow Gold Size 52

Place Vendome jewelryThe finely-sculpted floral shape in 18k yellow gold, set with stunning malachite and outlined with shimmering diamonds, is clearly a page-turner. Plus, we know it is definitely for everyone, including the faint-hearted — cause everyone needs a little thing of beauty.

3. Place Vendome Ring Vendome IX 0.65 Carat Yellow gold Size 52

Dainty yet statement-making in nature, this Place Vendôme jewelry piece has a crown-like silhouette carefully adorned with diamonds. The end result is something that borders on the spectacular. 

4. Place Vendome Ring Vendome VIII S 0.25 Carat Pink Gold Size 53

Place Vendôme reminds us that you can never have enough jewelry pieces by offering us this single-band Vendome VIII S ring in 18k pink gold. It has a decagonal shape precisely set with precious stones for an image that’s peak elegance.

5. Place Vendome Necklace Vendome XII 0.27 Carat Yellow Gold

Guaranteed to complement special moments or even effortlessly add a dazzling touch to everyday looks, this Place Vendôme necklace is undoubtedly a wise purchase. It is made of 18k yellow gold, and the lattice-detail pendant is given a tassel and diamonds. 

6. Place Vendome Earring Vendome XIII SIMONE 0.55 Carat Yellow Gold

Place Vendôme creates the perfect canvas for their meticulously-selected diamonds by employing clean geometric shapes and elegant lettering for these earrings. We know they’re destined to overflow with radiance whenever you put them on.

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